Excavator Operator Training & Backhoe Operator Training

RAYWAY provides high-quality training in the operation of Excavators and Loader Backhoes. Be professionally trained by Ray Richard, one of the best in the industry!

RAYWAY is BC Government Registered with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia and all courses offered are approved by and in accordance with PTIB​

  • We strive to give you more seat time than any other operator training school courses of the same duration in Western Canada!
  • Knowledgeable Instructor with 37+ years of practical experience plus 7 years instructing!
  • Competency-based, real world job-oriented training to make you job-ready!

7000 operators will be needed in British Columbia alone within the next 10 years according to the Government so Invest in your future TODAY and start an exciting new career as a Heavy Equipment Operator with an average salary of $62,000 a year.

The demand for well trained operators is huge, especially in northern BC and Alberta. That demand will grow even bigger as more major projects get the green light causing many companies to expand and as more and more operators retire. There are hundreds of good-paying jobs available TODAY!

We have regular contact with mine recruiting companies, developers, builders, and local contractors, all of whom are in constant need of well-trained, safety-conscious operators with a great attitude and a strong desire to learn and succeed. Employers know RAYWAY produces some of the best-trained operators, and often ask us which students rose to the top of the class: a great incentive to do your best in the course!

RAYWAY conducts business with passion, honesty and integrity without distorting, misleading or sugar coating.

When considering which school to attend don’t be fooled by false or misleading “job placement percentages” upon graduation. We do not make up stats merely for company promotion and sales like some other training schools do!! The success stories posted on our  Testimonials page and our Facebook  from so many of our graduates prove the quality of training you’ll receive at RAYWAY.

RAYWAY supplies the industry with some of the best trained excavator and loader backhoe operators in Western Canada. Some contractors that don’t normally hire entry level operators do hire RAYWAY graduates due to them being trained by well known in the industry Ray Richard who has over 37 years of practical experience.

At RAYWAY we cannot train an operator to employment status on any piece of equipment in just “25 hours” of seat time. If you’re considering a career as a heavy equipment operator we always suggest taking our full 8 week 320 hour excavator operator course or our full 4 week 160 hour loader backhoe course then transfer that knowledge and skill to other pieces of equipment in the future. We also offer 8 week and 12 week combination courses (excavator and loader backhoe). There are more excavator and loader backhoe operator jobs available in the lower mainland of BC than any other machine.

RAYWAY offers the most reasonably priced excavator operator courses in town with the most seat time, in fact RAYWAY courses are about 90% practical and about 10% theory (classroom) so check out the rest then be trained BY THE BEST!