The instructor/owner of RAYWAY, Ray Richard is a level-A Heavy Equipment Operator with over 37 years of practical experience, many of those as an owner operator. He completed 3220 of the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program with an A+ grade, and he can teach you things that younger, less-experienced instructors can’t!

The comments in the written reviews submitted by every student at the end of each course have always been 100% positive about Ray as an instructor.

Just a few of the many student’s written comments can be seen on our Testimonials page and a huge percentage of  Rayway graduates go on to become successful heavy equipment operators, many also become owner operators with their own businesses.

We make operator training enjoyable!


“Ray is awesome, couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. The knowledge he has from all his years experience proved very helpful to me.” Samara


Students and staff enjoy a barbeque lunch every Wednesday


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  • * Weekly starts
  • * More seat time
  • * Newer full size machines
  • * Easy to understand theory
  • * Enjoyable atmosphere
  • * Learn at your own pace
  • * Mentoring after graduations
  • * Variety of courses, from 4 to 12 weeks
  • * Funding options
  • * Job placement aid
  •  *Resume assistance

RAYWAY uses a variety of newer school owned FULL SIZE machines with heated and air conditioned cabs that have fully adjustable, comfortable and some even heated seats.

And RAYWAY strives to give you more seat-time than any other operator training school courses of the same duration anywhere in western Canada!

In fact RAYWAY courses are about 90% practical and about 10% theory (classroom). No student has ever failed the theory portion of a course, we will work with you until you fully understand it regardless of any language barrier.

We even offer our students a free barbecue lunch every Wednesday